Cannabis Shatter: What Is It?

Tiny, hair-like, mushroom-shaped particles called trichomes cover the cannabis plant. The marijuana blossom develops trichomes around which the plant produces its cannabinoids. There are several varieties of trichomes that may be gathered. All of the resultant products together are referred to as cannabis concentrates. Cannabis shatter is one such well-liked concentrate.

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A specific type of cannabis concentrate with a glass-like appearance is referred to as “cannabis shatter.” It is currently one of the most popular cannabis concentrates available. Typically, shatter cannabis is smoked using a bong or pipe. Using a vape pen or electronic cigarette, it may also be evaporated.

For a long time, hashish and other cannabis extracts have been used. Shatter was initially created as an extract that became well-known in the 1990s; it was developed quite recently. Shater was created by BudderKing, one of the pioneers of modern cannabis extracts. Its popularity has grown much more during the 2000s.

You will get a thorough explanation of the effects, possible applications, and other pertinent information regarding shatter concentrate in this page.

What Is Breakage From Cannabis?

The word “shatter concentrate” refers to a glass-like, brittle cannabis extract. Cannabis shatter concentrate, an extremely strong kind of cannabis concentrate, is made by the extraction of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and other cannabinoids from the cannabis plant using solvents like butane or carbon dioxide. After further refinement and processing, the extracted component is produced as “shatter,” a transparent or amber-colored material that feels brittle and glass-like and is breakable when handled.

With THC concentrations of up to 90% or more, it is among the strongest varieties of cannabis shatter. It is typically consumed in this way, evaporated, dabbed, or smoked in a bong or pipe. This chemical has effects that are almost immediately apparent and can last for several hours. Like other cannabis concentrates, cannabis shatter concentrate is highly potent and should be used with caution; beginners should avoid using it.

Various Cannabis Shatter Types

There are several different types of cannabis shatter concentrate, and each has its own affects, flavor, and strength. Popular varieties of cannabis shatter include:

Indica Shattering

Indica shatter is made from cannabis strains known for their indica effects, which are said to be peaceful and relaxing. It’s common practice to employ indica shatter to reduce pain and encourage sleep.

Sativa Breakers:

Sativa shatter is made from cannabis strains known for their uplifting and invigorating effects, namely Sativa strains. Sativa-derived shatter is often used to boost focus, productivity, and artistic efforts.

Blended Shatter:

Hybrid shatter is a hybrid cannabis strain that combines the relaxing and energizing benefits of Sativa and Indica strains.

Shatter Specific to Strain:

Certain cannabis strains are used to make some shatters, which may lead to unique tastes and effects. For example, a shatter made with the Blue Dream strain would have a berry-sweet flavor and a mild to moderate high.

What Are Cannabis Shatter’s Psychoactive Effects?

The high THC level in cannabis shatter concentrate may cause its effects to be higher than those of other cannabis products, although overall they are similar. Typical psychotropic effects of cannabis shatter include the following:


Some cannabis shatter users might love the tranquility and excitement it brings around.

Improved awareness of senses:

Certain people may have more sensitive senses than others, such as improved taste, touch, and hearing.

Modified sense of time:

One’s perspective of time can be distorted by cannabis shatter, making it appear to pass either faster or slower than usual.

Deteriorated memory

Since cannabis shatter impacts short-term memory and concentration, it may be difficult to focus or recall specifics.


Cannabinoid shatter: what is it?

A glass-like cannabis extract is called shatter concentration. It seems to be breakable, transparent, and substantial.

How is shatter from cannabis made?

Shatter is made from cannabis plants that have been extracted of their cannabinoids, such as THC and CBD. After that, the extract is boiled to remove any remaining solvent, such as butane or propane.

What impacts may cannabis shatter have?

Both therapeutic and euphoric effects are possible with cannabis shatter concentrate.

How is shatter from cannabis consumed?

You can vape or dab cannabis shatter concentrate to ingest the product.

Is it legal to shatter cannabis?

Yes, in the majority of the nation, it is lawful. However, you should do a thorough investigation before buying it.