Does ThetaHealing make sense for you?

ThetaHealing has the power to cure physical pain and illnesses, break destructive patterns in one’s own life, release anger and trauma from many forms of abuse, and much more.

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ThetaHealing may be used by anyone of any background or religion as long as they acknowledge the existence of a greater force, a creator, God, Divinity, or whatever term you choose for Source.

Our command for ThetaHealing says, “Creator of All That Is.” It is simple to substitute “Jesus,” “Buddha,” “Goddess,” etc. if a client feels more at ease doing so.

Furthermore, it’s advisable to be open to reincarnation because the client’s core issue can be related to inherited beliefs or ideas from previous lifetimes.

It would be simpler for the ThetaHealer to intuitively read you and assist you if you were generally receptive to energy healing. You won’t get as much out of the session as someone who is open if you are simply there because someone told you it would be beneficial for you and you are unwilling to look closely at your problems and let someone else to interpret your energy.

How safe is ThetaHealing?

ThetaHealing is safe, yes. There will be excellent and terrible ThetaHealers, just as in any career. A code of ethics should be adhered to by all qualified ThetaHealers. They need your express consent before they can even provide you a positive belief. They can only work on the things you want them to work on since you have free will. You are more than welcome to end a session early or switch the discussion to something else. The creator’s energy, which is pure love, is what is employed. You may establish stronger self-connection using ThetaHealing.

The purpose of ThetaHealing is not to displace traditional medical care. They could cooperate with one another. A ThetaHealer may send you to a doctor for further examination if she notices anything in your body but is unsure about it, unless she is a medical professional. On the other hand, a physician could be able to identify and manage a patient’s outward symptom without understanding its underlying cause. ThetaHealing sessions would assist in identifying any emotional problems, past experiences, or other factors that may have contributed to or caused the condition.

My client experience with ThetaHealing

Although I had always known that belief work was effective, I didn’t think that repeating affirmations would ever be able to overcome some of my deeply ingrained negative thoughts.

Before learning about ThetaHealing, I was genuinely pleading with the creator for direction for weeks. I felt that some aspects of myself were preventing me from moving forward in life, but I was unable to identify the root of these habits.

First, I learned about alternative energy healing treatments from other students in my spiritual community, which was helpful. ThetaHealing truly connected with me when I tried it because I still felt like I needed to go further.

I no longer have constant physical discomfort because to this practice, which has also helped me become more confident and free of worries, blocks, and unhealthy patterns in my relationships and career. I feel so much more at ease in my own skin now that I don’t have any body regrets.

We focus on the three R’s in Theta: regret, resentment, and rejection. We cement the lessons we acquired from the terrible experiences while releasing the shock, stress, and suffering we experience from them.

I now make a note of all the things that make me feel bad and deal with them at my next Theta session, regardless of who or what causes the unpleasant emotion. These days, I genuinely enjoy it when someone or something irritates me because it means that something within of me is being triggered, something I need to process and learn from.

Is recovery truly this quick and simple?

Why isn’t ThetaHealing used by everyone if it functions instantly?

It’s impressive that you’ve read this far, though, as not everyone is receptive to the ideas of ThetaHealing.

Not everyone is willing to examine their own filth up close. Maybe they’re too scared to “open that can of worms,” as one buddy put it. Speaking about terrible experiences in the past may be more difficult than learning to live with or bury the pain or anger.

Some individuals tell themselves falsehoods, that everything is alright. Some people believe they don’t have that many problems to solve. Some people might choose to overcome their problems the hard way, by repeatedly encountering the same circumstances until they eventually understand them. They don’t think there’s a simpler solution. Many people just don’t think this is effective.

Therefore, although though ThetaHealing seems simple, the true difficulty is in the desire to identify the issue. Although not everyone is interested in doing this, those who genuinely ask can get the answers.

A few Theta sessions may be all that some people need to resolve a particular situation, and they are then pleased. That is also acceptable. I adore our weekly meetings because I want nothing to stop me from leading the greatest life possible. I like how much more at ease I feel following each session. As soon as I see any anxieties or obstacles, I always want to get rid of them.