How Do You Use a Vape Pen and What Is It?

Whatever you name them, vape pens, vape pens, THC pens—they have taken the cannabis industry by storm and are now the second-largest revenue category in the US. Thus, if you’re thinking about trying vaping.

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What Is an E-Pen?

A handheld, portable vaporizer is called a vape pen. Although dab pens, or vape pens for concentrates, are available, a vape pen is primarily a discrete gadget meant to heat cannabis oil. Vape pens are simple and straightforward to use, and the substance doesn’t smell like cannabis because it warms up into a vapor.

How Do Vape Pens Operate?

Vape pens make the process of smoking your cannabis product very simple. The battery is connected to a pre-filled cartridge that already contains cannabis oil after it has been charged. When the user holds down or taps the power button on the vape pen (or occasionally simply inhales), the heating coil within the atomizer rapidly warms the liquid. Cannabis oil can be breathed once it has been heated and turned into vapor.

What Constitutes a Vape Pen’s Various Parts?

Because disposable vape pens don’t require further expenses like batteries, many cannabis novices use them. It’s a good idea to acquire a rechargeable pen, too, if you’re interested in the vast array of cannabis oil and other items available for vape pens. The various components of those pens are as follows:

Mouthpiece: The mouthpiece, often known as the drip tip, is merely the point of inhalation. Some are fixed, and some may be taken out and replaced. Mouthpieces come in a wide variety of shapes and materials.

Battery: Your vape pen needs a battery to operate and heat up to the proper temperature. The majority of vape pen batteries are rechargeable, and some even have a temperature control so you may adjust the atomizer’s heating element to your preferred level of heat. The battery is fastened to the cartridge using a screw or similar method.

Atomizer: An atomizer is similar to an oven in that it has a ceramic or metal housing for a heating element. Your vape oil turns to vapor when you switch on your vape pen because the atomizer’s coil warms up.

Cartridge or Tank: The majority of cannabis connoisseurs use the term “cartridge” to refer to the container that contains the cannabis oil. At your neighborhood dispensary, a wide selection of prefilled cartridges are available. If you ever hear someone discussing their tank, this is a manually fillable container that holds the cannabis oil of your choice.

How Should a Vape Pen Be Used? [5 Action Steps]

Vape pens come in two varieties: disposable and rechargeable. Once they are loaded with their cannabis substance, both operate similarly.

First, have your pen charged.

You don’t need to insert the pen because most disposable pens contain a charged battery. But before they can be used when it’s time to vape, rechargeable vape pens need to be charged. The majority of batteries have a charging wire that is designed to be used with standard wall outlets or USB ports.

Step 2: Adjust the temperature and load the cartridge

You will additionally need to buy a cartridge that holds cannabis oil and fits into the battery of a rechargeable vape pen. After loading it, adjust the battery’s temperature to your chosen setting. Simply load the product and go to the next step if your battery lacks a temperature setting.

Third Step: Vape

There are three popular ways to activate a vape pen: either by inhaling; by holding down the power button and inhaling; or by repeatedly pushing the button until a specified number of times is reached, followed by inhaling. Pens usually come with instructions if you’re not sure how to use them. The likelihood is that all you have to do to activate a disposable pen is inhale if it comes without instructions or a power button.

Step 4: Take Out, Replace, and Reload

When using cannabis, some aficionados decide to take out their cartridge. It is up to you what you think about this. If you do use a battery with a cartridge, eventually the product will run out and you will need to take the cartridge out and replace the product in your battery. When you start to notice a decrease in the amount of vapor being generated, it’s time to change your cartridge.

Step 5: Get Rid of Your Stuff

Ensure that the pen or cartridge is disposed of properly, whether it is disposable or not. This entails taking precautions to cover a glass cartridge with a paper towel or newspaper in order to stop it from breaking and accidentally cutting someone.