How to Use Tavern AI: An Introduction

With the intriguing new AI chatbot platform Tavern AI, users can build personalized AI-powered characters and have rich roleplaying interactions. With support for many AI models, including Claude, GPT-3.5, and KoboldAI, Tavern AI seeks to offer a distinctive interactive adventure conversation experience.

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Although using Tavern AI might be frightening at first, it is actually rather simple if you know the fundamentals. We will walk you through every step of installing and utilizing Tavern AI on your desktop computer in this beginner’s tutorial.

Setting up the prerequisites

For effective operation, Tavern AI requires GitHub Desktop and Node.js.

Install Node.js first by downloading it from the official website. You can execute JavaScript on your desktop by using Node.js.

Installing GitHub Desktop will enable you to manage and clone the Tavern AI repository after that.

Prior to moving on, these two elements are essential.

Installing and Configuring Tavern AI

Go to the Tavern AI GitHub repository and obtain the ZIP file containing the source code.

With an archive tool such as WinRAR, extract the downloaded ZIP file to any convenient spot on your desktop.

Open the Start.bat file from the extracted Tavern AI folder. By doing this, you may set up the Tavern AI server locally.

If the Tavern AI on port 8000 has begun successfully, a command prompt window will appear. Note the URL that is produced automatically for localhost.

Linking an AI Framework

In order to facilitate communication, Tavern AI must establish a connection with an AI model backend. For the sake of this article, we’ll be using KoboldAI, although the procedure is the same for other options like NovelAI or GPT-3.

Install KoboldAI first by following your operating system’s step-by-step instructions.

Open the KoboldAI interface and select a desired conversation model.

The API URL, which is usually http://localhost:5000, may be copied from the Models page.

Paste this URL into the API URL area back in the Tavern AI settings, then click Connect.

After a successful connection, you’ll be able to create characters and initiate conversations!

Building Personalized AI Characters

The capacity to create unique AI characters with unique personalities and qualities is one of Tavern AI’s greatest features.

Select the Characters tab from the menu in the sidebar.

In order to access the character creation screen, click the “+” button.

Assign a name, an avatar, a background description, and an initial prompt to your character.

Include character attributes and personality features in your memory tags.

Lastly, to establish your special AI partner, click Create!

Such characters can be created in multiples, each with their own unique identity, emulating actual persons or even imaginary personas.

Enjoying Adventure Atmospheric Mode Chatting

The AI characters in Tavern AI encourage an immersive adventure chat style by acting more than merely answering questions. Storytelling becomes much more immersive as a result.

Select a character you have already developed from the sidebar.

To begin the talk, type an opening question in a conversational style.

Now, your AI friend will respond to you in a detailed, relevant way, progressing the conversation.

Continue speaking in a casual manner, just like you would with an actual person.

Each character is unique due to pre-configured personality qualities, while the underlying AI model takes care of the logical reactions.


That concludes our introduction to Tavern AI for beginners tutorial! Through adjusting character parameters and changing AI models, this platform offers a plethora of opportunities for exploration and enjoyment. As you get more expertise, think about experimenting with sophisticated module add-ons to enhance your fantasy AI tavern’s functionality even further.