Why should you purchase premium domains and what do they entail?

Your expectations rise when the word “premium” is spoken. You are aware that a premium tag typically indicates the presence of anything exceptional, one-of-a-kind, or priceless.

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While the value of a fine automobile or a five-star restaurant is evident, value isn’t always evident in other situations. Sometimes you have to delve a bit more to see how something may truly transform your life.

This piece highlights the potential for premium domain names to change the game.

Let’s go over this breakdown of premium domains with premium insight and demonstrate the current internet usage of these domains.

Why are domains important to you?

Alright, so you’re here to find out why premium domains are so amazing, but have you given domain names in general any serious thought?

You may not believe anything is happening when you glance at your search bar because all that happens is that you key in a web URL and view a webpage. Easy. But every letter you type has often been carefully considered.

A well-thought-out marketing strategy yields good domain name registration, which benefits from SEO, uniqueness, memorability, and market attractiveness. Furthermore, careful consideration of marketing might be the difference between online success and failure.

You might be wondering what a premium domain name can do if good domain names can elevate brands and make investors (also known as domainers) wealthy.

What is a domain name that is premium?

In essence, the distinction between an ordinary domain and a premium domain might be the difference between average brand status and global success. They may be the key to excellent portfolios and substantial profits for investors.

This is exciting, but what exactly does the term “premium domain” mean?

If a domain name includes dictionary terms and phrases that are easily recognized, short, and memorable, it is said to be a premium domain name. since of these characteristics, they are more valuable to a brand than a typical domain since they are enduring, dependable, and memorable.

A premium domain name often provides for a highly well-known web address, which may offer you an advantage over rivals and make your area more remembered for viewers.

Check out these premium names that were registered in 2022: beyond.beauty, social.live, and crane.tech.

If, however, you’re still wondering, “Why are some domains premium even though they don’t look great?” They could qualify as premium if they are:

incredibly pertinent

brief in duration



really recognizable


Who is the domain owner?

A domain may be categorized as premium if it possesses distinguishing characteristics such as the ones mentioned above.

Registries establish registry premium domains, which are then sold for premium rates. Nonetheless, a significant percentage of premium domains are resold at a premium price by their current owners.

Essentially, registries use their top-level domains to generate their own premium domain names, which they then sell through registrars such as justexpired. You will thus have difficulty if you are asking how to turn a domain name into a premium domain. A domain can become premium, but ultimately the decision rests with the registries.

Premium pricing tags are commonly associated with premium domains. Not all, though, are as pricey. Make careful to weigh the costs and benefits of premium domain names, since some may be found for as little as $20.

Additionally, it’s important to remember that registry domain name renewal and purchase costs are often greater than non-registry costs. Therefore, purchasing premium domains from an existing owner should result in lower startup and renewal costs as compared to purchasing them from registries.

Premium domains have increased

Putting money aside, it is insufficient to only search for and purchase a premium domain name. One thing never changes with premium domain prices: it is up to you to register the appropriate domain name for your brand or investment objectives.

It’s important to note that a domain does not need to be flawless in every aspect to be considered premium. However, they must be consistent with your brand; even a slight mismatch in domains might have had a significant negative impact on your rise to prominence online. Additionally, since premium names are so expensive, you should generally proceed cautiously.

For example, a world-class website for engineering solutions definitely wouldn’t do as well as beyond.me, a premium domain purchased by Beyond Meat, Inc.

Thus, let’s examine each of their components and dissect the advantages of acquiring a premium domain name so that you are well equipped to leverage premium domains to your advantage.


Here’s all you have to ask yourself: if you felt no one would remember your premium domain name, would you still register it?

While memorability is undoubtedly important, there may be other factors to consider while ensuring memorability. Now let’s have a look at a few.


It’s commonly said that a shorter domain is preferable. They are typically easier to remember, among other reasons.

Because of this, premium domains are often brief, composed of distinctive letter combinations or short, snappy phrases.

For instance, according to the.ME registration, their top revenue-generating domain names in 2022 were two characters. In a similar vein, 48.21% of the domains registered with.XYZ were letter domains.


It is not enough to only be able to recall a domain name; you also need to be able to read and comprehend it.

Because of this, premium domain names typically omit punctuation and digits. For example, 1538tir35.com is unlikely to help a garage take the lead in the market.

There are, there course, exceptions to the generalization; in 2022, 8888.xyz sold for $3,000. Still, it’s brief, straightforward, and appealing in a certain way.

Evidently, it’s not just one element—rather, it’s the combination of domain components that have the potential to earn premium status.

Clear, concise, and repeatable premium-listed domain names are often regarded as extremely valuable.