Youth Compose And Record A Song In 2 Days

The twelfth anniversary of the inspiration of the Loyal Stranger and Friend Lodge, was celebrated yesterday in the ordinary manner. The officers and brethern met in the assembly at the lodge room, Commercial Hotel and walked in procession to St. Saviour’s Church, the place a sermon was preached by the Rev. R. Leigh, who had been initiated the evening before.

Mr. Gillott’s new composition naturally attracted probably the most attention. It is an octet, “Gran Tarantella di Concerto” for eight performers on 4 pianos – and it is a form of unique composition which we’ve not met before . We have been favored with the perusal of a letter from W.

Under the Direction of Mr. W. Wallace. THE Second Concert will happen this evening, the 26th prompt . Solo, clarionette – Baermann – Mr. Gattland .

and the “Heather bloom,” which produced an unanimous encore. This gentleman has a fine voice – flexible and exquisite in quality of tone, however somewhat poor in energy. We have little doubt age and practice will do much to treatment this deficiency . – On the 16th February, at Charles street, Norwood, William Galbraith, aged 89. – On the tenth November, at Charles-street, Norwood, Janet,

There was a tolerably good attendance . Mr. Lillywhite acted as conductor, and Mr. Chapman as leader. Herr Kunze presided on the piano, and Mr. Light on the harmonium.

Isabella MELODIA

The Choral Society gave their second live performance on Thursday evening final, and charged all people 2s. The performances were however a copy of these on the first event, save the superb treat afforded by the violin of Mr. Gaskarth, the melodia of Mr. Younger, and the flute of Mr. Williams. The brief discover given, the “great truth” of the charge for admission, and the confoundedly darkish evening, altogether caused the attendance of however a small viewers. However, I do not suppose the chorals are a whit discouraged.

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On Wednesday, October 14th, 1829. Grand and Favourite Overture – Der Freitchutz [sic] – Webber. Duet – In gaudy Court with aching hearts.

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The fact is, he missed the actual beauties of the Evening’s Amusement, and talked about Pieces which were not performed rather than the true ones. Instead of an Overture, Mr. Gee, who being a really young man for the state of affairs, which he fills a lot to his credit, performed (his Solo or Air Air, diversified on the clarionet) having the correct devices accompanying with very considerable capability. Next should have been mentioned the Quartette for clarionets, horn, and bassoon, during which Mr. Gee equally displayed his stability on his instrument, and the second clarionet performed his part with degree of skill extremely creditable.

The instrumental performances on this occasion had been defective, perhaps from certain vacancies within the orchestra, but as Mr. Gibbs does his work con amore, we anticipate to see a fast enchancment in this division. An novice dramatic entertainment Paul MELODIA and musical melange will take place on Wednesday night, the fifteenth January next, within the large hall of the Mechanics’ Institute, the proceeds to be in help of that glorious institution,

Sydneyites of 40 years in the past will bear in mind Mr. Gibbs conducting at the Victoria Theatre. In her younger days his spouse was a succesful and useful actress . JUST PUBLISHED, the favorite ballad “I LOVE HER,” as sung by Mr. John Howson, within the above opera, composed by M.

Miss Towers has gained for herself the character of a intelligent artiste, and, wherever she goes, she shall be welcomed as a favourite. Mr. Frank Towers will make his mark, and be equally nicely received. As a comic book singer he is first-rate; as “Tim Flaherty” he shall be highly appreciated, and his delineations of character as the “Moral Man,” or as Policeman X.Y.Z., will fully maintain his reputation.